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This years celebration – InnFest 2019 and Lovecraft’s 129th Birthday are coming up soon. We would also like to announce the introduction of a new website with our own domain name as well:

Visit Innsmouth, HP Lovecraft Tribute – early 1930s Massachusetts @



Just a short history of how it all came together!

The Innsmouth region was inspired by the writings of the horror fiction writer Howard Phillips (H.P.)  Lovecraft. He is considered the “Grandfather of Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction”, inspiring literally all horror, as well as many fantasy and science, fiction authors during and since his time. The Shadows over Innsmouth, written in 1931, is what this great recion was modeled after. A work of the heart, Innsmouth in Second Life was originally founded and created by Darmin Darkes and her team. The region was actually “born” in Second Life on August 20th, 2009, HP Lovecraft’s birthday, making this Innsmouth’s 10th Anniversary in Second Life. This year there is going to be a huge celebration.

The sim’s current owner, Arik Metzger (AriktheRed), had founded the Lovecraft Festivals of Second Life (LoveFest) in 2012. Upon hearing of that Innsmouth;s founder/owner was facing giving up the region in 2015, Arik launched the “Save Innsmouth!” fundraiser campaign.

If you want a more in depth story check out last month’s issue of Rez Magazine.

New to the Lovecraft Country regions, the Miskatonic University and “Arkham” area will be the landing point for the event! During the event we may see the Miskatonic Cheer Squad giving us greeting and cheers through the week!


Miskatonic University

Since 2012, “LoveFest” has brought Second Life a large and exciting celebration of H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday. Since this is the 10th Anniversary of Innsmouth, we are celebrating “InnFest”! Some of the grid’s best DJs participating, including Archangelo Hellmann, AngelKitty Skizm, Bloodwain Arun and more. Live entertainers will also grace the party with such names including, but not limited to, the wonderful sounds of Rosedrop Rust, Larree Quixote, Wald Schridde and Vampink Cuddihy. There will be movies you won’t want to miss, shown at Innsmouth’s famous “Arkham Theater”, managed by and courtesy of Thisbe Blackadder (also known for her work with the renowned MST3K Theater in SL). There will also be a Burlesque Show produced and directed by TerpsiCorps ARTWerks.

All of these great festivities will begin with an opening ceremony conducted by Arik Metzger, himself, on August 20th at 5:00 pm SLT, and ending with a Masquerade Ball on August 27th at 9:00 pm SLT. For more information about this event please check out this website or our new one at:

KittyCat of UltharWe are excited to have the KIttyCat of Ulthar return!

Many know Fuzzbutt, the KittyCat known  as the official “KittyCat Host” of the Fests, and who dwells on the streets of Innsmouth.  Well, YES, the great folks of KittyCatS bring back the KittyCat of Ulthar, originally created as a special shoulder pet giver, to overlook InnFest’s fine merchant streets!  Speaking of which…


Many talented merchants from around the grid are busy setting up stores for you to help celebrate this epic event!  Products and wares you can expect include hair styles, fashion, home and garden and so much more with a mix of creepy, fantasy and vintage themes we have come to expect from the regular LoveFest events. A list of InnFest merchants can be seen here:  Merchants

Please make sure you take a look and support these awesome designers in Second Life.

Stay tuned for more information as we closer to the celebration.

If you would like to contact us please send us an email at



Goddess Invocation – Cats of Ulthar

First pic I’m wearing;
Eclectica Minotaur Horns_15_RARE
Second pic I’m wearing
Eclectica Minotaur Horns_18_RARE
Electica’s gacha products can be found in the Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack.
All Eclectica products are original mesh with copy and modify permissions.
Except for gacha products.
Eclectica creates jewelery, shoes, glasses, gloves, feathers, furs, hats, accessories.

First pic I’m wearing;
DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Tentacle Tickles
Fingers and toes.
Last image in post is the Dark Passions ad for these nail appliers, to view all color tones in fatpack.

First pic I’m wearing;
Clemmm – Igno Pin /// Decay Filth
3 additional pins available in;
aged emerald,aged original,decay moss
I took a copy of the decay filth pin and positioned it to the top of the gown. It originally attaches to the neck.

1st,3rd and 4th pic I’m wearing;
MCC – woman – Lovecraft gown – white
belleza all,slink all,tonic all,maitreya,ocacin
MadCatCreations Boutique also has an exclusive red floral gown and black gown at Lovefest 2018.

Firelight – Michelle Gen2 Fatpack
Featured at Lovefest 2018
In this fatpack, you’ll receive rigged and unrigged hairs. 7 hair texture huds and a color wheel tint hud
black and white, blonds, browns, darks, essentials, mega, red. Each hair texture hud comes with two hair effects; Rich/ Full and Wispy. Wispy shows individual hair strands with a more natural look. Rich/ Full gives the hair a plush full set of hair. It doesn’t have alpha issues. Wispy may conflict with clothing that has alpha in it as well as standing against an alpha background such as trees, plants, and so forth. Firelight also has another featured hair and an exclusive hair. You can view the exclusive hair in my Blogspot blog post covering the Lovefest 2018 event.
Firelight has an entertaining area in her store booth at the event. Have a seat in the salon chair next to a client whose head has a hatchet sunk in her head, dripping with blood. Perfect to take a picture as a great memory at Lovecraft Festival 2018!

Undertied -Anchor-skull-Necklace
Medium and Long lengths included with a texture hud. Texture hud allows you to texture the skull, with clean and bloody versions. Choose from dark solid or crystal colored eyes. Skull colors from dark metal, dark metal bloody, and light metal.

2nd and 5th pic I’m wearing;
Pixelancer ~ LF18 T-Shirt for Woman ~ Purple ~ Rigged Mesh L
5 fitmesh and 5 standard mesh sizes
Only wear standard mesh if you wear maitreya or other mesh bodies like belleza, slink etc.
The old fitmesh that Pixelancer is using is not the same fitmesh that is rigged specifically to mesh bodies. I believe this fitmesh is designed for classic avatars. You’ll need to do some alpha hiding but not as much as you would have to do with the fitmesh.
There are also matching purple baseball caps as well. Additional souvenir shirts and caps also come in grey. Alpha for shirt is provided for classic avatars.
Pixelancer has a hunt item in the story quest that begins in Arkham Sanitarium
Follow the red arrow to the tracking beam after landing at the beginning to be led directly to the start of the hunt at the Sanitarium.
Look for slimy green star shaped tentacle monsters with brown eyeballs to grab your prize from Pixelancer and other Lovefest designers.
You can view Pixelancer’s Eyes of Azaroth hunt item in the 3rd pic. It has copy permissions.
You can see what the hunt object looks like in the 5th pic.
Lovecraft Festival 2018 – ends Sept 2nd

~InSanity~ Genus Omega Lipstain Applier # 4
Additional lipstains in 6 beautiful colors.
This lipstain is only for the Genus Project mesh bento mocap head.
Insanity creator says it may fit other heads.
Genus Project re-released the beta Genus Project head back at their mainstore. Buy it at the early access price and save $10 USD. Get the update for free. You won’t need to buy the Genus Omega installer kit. Genus head now has Omega installed.
Lipstain available at The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale August Round. Everything is priced at 10L.

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Beauty Dolls SL | WordPress
Beauty Dolls SL | Blogspot – main blog(all sponsor lists with flickr links on blogspot only)
Beauty Dolls SL | Kytteh Wytchwood – Flickr
View full sized images for Lovefest 2018 on Flickr in Blog album and Supersized album

Lovecraft Time – The Cats of Ulthar
Presented by Aewakened Productions and narrated by Arik Metzger(arikthered), owner of Lovecraft sim and event planner.

Tonight at the Avalon Theater at LoveFest 2018: Metropolis !

Tonight at the Avalon Theater at LoveFest 2018:

One of the biggest, strangest, maddest films in cinema history.
Fritz Lang’s 1927 film is a crazed futurist epic, a mythic sprawl and dystopian nightmare

In order to see the movie, please turn your video on and simply touch the screen.

Aznana’s Aberrant Accouterments: Collect Call from Cthulhu

Collect Call from Cthulhu

She had taken the position at the Sanitorium believing that she would be working in the library. She had just finished her training at Arkham University and looked forward to assisting the doctors in their research. Instead, she found herself with a few dozen tattered volumes of questionable origin and spent her days as little more than a glorified receptionist. She registered arriving patients, took a brief history and ushered them through the doors to the attendants in the exam rooms.
The incoming patients seemed to have a common complaint. They heard scuttering sounds and saw movements out of the corners of their eyes. Many of them dreamt or imagined that worms or arthropods were moving through their walls or under the ground where they walked. She was sure her old professors would say the populace was suffering from mass hysteria. She paid the stories no mind… until the night that she heard it.
She felt herself being drawn inexorably out into the foggy night. She walked down the steps from the Sanitorium and between the buildings, following the trolley tracks till she saw broken pavement and something odd on the sidewalk.
As she knelt to examine it, she found herself caught up in entwining tendrils. She watched as multilegged creatures pushed up through the opening in the sidewalk. She waited as the sky turned to a mass of writhing clouds. The brooch at her collar started to move and she realized that Cthulhu was not in a book, but in the sky above LoveFest.
Hair ~ Firelight! Tria Wavey Brown Hunt Gift *
Head ~ LeLutka Simone 3.0
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ Glam Affair Kendall Jamaica
Outfit ~ Moonlitecat  Creations Ester Librarian Available in clean and bloody versions. [10 colors / Classic, Fitmesh, Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink, Tonic ] *
Shoes ~ 1313 Mockingbird Lane Sabrina Slippers [5 colors / Belleza, Maitreya, Slink] *
Jewelry ~ Eclectica Cthulhu brooch *



via Aznana’s Aberrant Accouterments: Collect Call from Cthulhu

In a Nutshell…: I wear my sunglasses at night….

Lovecraft Festival 2018 – The Path to Madness
So much to see and do at Lovecraft Fest this year you could go mad….oh wait, we already have! Haha….Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind festival…so many places to explore, designers to shop, and the entertainment….oh, the entertainment is out of this world.
Visit 2018 Lovecraft Festival today!
“Cafe Life” glasses – Eclectica
 Eclectica is a shop that specializes in .jewellery, shoes, glasses, gloves, feathers, furs, hats, accessories. Tiffy Vella is the designer and she is definitely making us mad with delight over these glasses and horns. Both sets of glasses are available in Eclectica’s Lovecraft festival store. The horns are available in gacha vendors and you will love all the colors and styles. Both glasses and the horns are copy/mod. You might as well buy the whole set! Marketplace    Flickr
“Motorist’s Goggles” and “Minotaur Horns” (Rare) – Eclectica

via In a Nutshell…: I wear my sunglasses at night….

Selena – My Sexy Second

❤ Decor ❤
The Lovecraft Festival is running. And [noctis]* makes sure that we all can decorate our homes in a special way. Look at those amazing decorations and imagine how they would look in your sweet home – I am sure you will grab the next taxi to the Lovecraft Event and get them :-)

via Selena – My Sexy Second

Altered Reality

 I had come home from the fair to find some changes had occured in our home. It looked like our daughter, Moony had moved in with all the tentacles on the loose. But, the most disturbing thing was the creatures, yes…creatures inhabiting the bedroom! Especially one very big fat ummm thing..on the bed. I stood there, wondering what to do about this when I heard a loud sound from the bathroom, hurtring in there I found even more tentacles and some very eerie looking furniture.  What was happening?!! Deciding to consult my library for a clue, I made my way downstairs to the study, only..the study appeared to look more like a captains room on a ship, was that a shark that just swam past my window?!! Oh my head, was I hallucinating, perhaps I had some strange form of dementia. I better make an appointment to be seen and soon.

 Shopping List 

#1- Tentacle Legs Side Table -This great table features tentacles as the supports. It comes with a 6 texture menu for the top and base, 11 colors for the tentaccles and 8 for the suckers.
#2 – Tentacle Bed Bento in Adult or PG version. The Adult version has been animated with 2 slow dancers, 12 couples bento cuddles + sequences, 17 bento multispeed adult + sequence, 4 male and 4 female bento singles + sequence. It also includes a texture change menu with 6 colors of bed covers, 11 colors of tentacles and 8 colors of suckers. The PG version has the same features except for the 17 bento multispeed adult + sequence.
#3- Tentacle Chair bento singles has been animated with 6 male and 6 female bento single sits. The upholstery has a tentacle theme. There is a texture change menu with 6 colors for the upholstery, 11 colors for the tentacles, and 8 colors for the suckers.
#4- Tentacle fireplace with coral decor features tentacle supports and a large coral display on the mantle. There is a texture change menu for the tentacles with 11 colors and 8 for the suckers. The flames have an on/off by touch menu.
#1 – Bear v1.7 (this is the creature on the bed) A weird, animated mesh pet with a few avatar animations programmed for hugging or walking.  It also makes an amusing avatar.#2~ Home Sweet Home ~Gacha Item – This is an exclusive that will only be found at the event. This sports some type of creatures invading a human skull.

#3~ Fritz is an exclusive gift. This is a weird, animated prop or follower.

#4 ~ Pill ~ 1.13 RARE Gacha item –  A weird, animated wearable, prop, or wandering bug.

#5 ~ 2018 Lovecraft Festival ~  Balloon Dispenser

#6~ Isopod ~ Mean Exclusive color. A weird, animated wearable, prop, wandering critter, avatar, or hug-able pet with multiple poses, avatar animations and features. The exclusive color will only be sold at the event and no where else.

#7 – Eyes of Azathoth ~ This is a hunt item and exclusive for the event as well.
 #1 – Slug Lounger Exclusive includes 10  sit animations an exclusive for the event.#2 – LoveGacha 2018 This gacha collection includes 4 rares and 5 commons.

a. SlugTable commonb. – Nornes Wall Decoration Rare
c.- LoveFish Wall Decoration Rare

d. – Pile of Nornes – RareSimply Shelby
Lovecraft Cthulhu Tub. This is a PG version tub with male/female animations and cuddles sequences.

Beyond the Dark
A captain’s memoirs: Legend full set Limited Edition, includes bulkhead lamps and animated portal window, cabinet and side table with props, and chair with m/f animations. Touch the cigar tip for smoke and the lamp for flame. These will not return to store as full sets! Full sets only ones that come with bulkhead lamps and portal window.
LoveFest 2018 Poster revised.png


devil inside...

One Republic – Secrets

“Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
I’m gonna give all my secrets away
This time, don’t need another perfect lie
Don’t care if critics ever jump in line
I’m gonna give all my secrets away”


~ LoveFest 2018 – Lovecraft Festival ~

(*<*) 1313 Cthulhu Hatchling – Diva (Gacha)
(*<*) 1313 Cthulhu Hatchling – Aggro (Gacha)

[noctis] Skull decor
[noctis] Clay Tablet
[noctis] Precious Egg decor/emerald
[noctis] Coral decor #2/red
[noctis] The SIlver key

The Artist Shed – Asylum Mirror
The Artist Shed – Dagon Ottoman

Lilith’s Den – SlugTable

F&M * Abyss Starfish Single Pinkish (Gacha)
F&M * Abyss Starfish Single Gold (Gacha)
F&M * Abyss Starfish Single Ocean (Gacha)

[LoveCraft Festival Event TP] [1313] [noctis] [The Artist Shed] [Lilith’s Den] [F&M]

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Find Them. Gut Them – Treasure Hunt@ LoveFest 2018

The 2018 Lovecraft Festival is offering many activities this year.
While the adventure story will be forthcoming, for now, will you help us find all the stolen goodies? ( pictures here )
Look for the creature depicted on this sign.  Touch and it will surrender its prize.


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