The Bloggers of Lovefest 2017 – Part II


*lighting crashes outside the window of a darkened room, and with a creak of a swivel chair, David Littman clicks on a large flashlight, illuminating the underside of his chin*

Steel yourselves, my friends, as yet more brave souls volunteer to explore the horrors beneath Innsmouth!

First we have Miss Bebel Kharis, an artist who enjoys to capture the human form. But as you may soon find in her photo album that is she who is the one being forms that defy any definition of ‘human’…

*lightning crash!*

Next we Miss Karessa Karas, who is no stranger to Virtual Nightmares. But be careful Miss Karas, for the images you’ll capture will transcend any nightmares you’ve ever faced before!

*wolves howl outside!*

Bienvenidos a Innsmouth, Senorita Irene! Quien sabe lo que encontrarás en las aguas profundas y oscuras?

Ah, Miss Ren, I see by your picture that you’ve already been to our pier! May your photo album capture your final…hmm…I might save this one for later…

Oh now where was I? Oh yes…Mister Fitzhugh Nicely. You seem to have gone a series of interesting adventures, but good Sir when your bald head gets swallowed by…”


“SIMONE?!? I’m trying to write a blog post here!”

“What the hell are you complaining about? I just got back from the deli! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find decent pastrami in Innsmouth?”

*gasp!* “Simone! THAT’S…NOT…PASTRAMI!!!”



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