LoveFest 2018

LoveFest 2017  was a huge blast for everyone.

The 7th Annual Lovecraft Festival of Second Life comes in 2018!
As always we welcome talented creators from the horror, vintage, fantasy and other related fields.

Please visit our office in Innsmouth Innsmouth and subscribe, so that you hear early enough about applications.

LoveFest Office 2017

Arik Wraps It Up:

Many thanks to all the great staff and overall 2017 LoveFest team. So many come together to contribute in making Lovecraft Festival a great thing widely enjoyed by hundreds of people.

Our Promotions Team:
> Runa (alrunia ahn) (Senior Staff)
– Putting out the word, maintaining
our various websites,
– Researching and inviting
quality merchants to join.,
– Organizing our blogger efforts.
> David Littman (dlittmannoir)
– Working diligently to coordinate
the 2017 Fest Blogger Team.
> The Bloggers – A nice handful of
bloggers put out some great
material for all to enjoy.


Our “Build” Team:
> Kitty (azura loring): This year’s
town-building dynamo – tested
and pushed herself to her limits
and created a splendid overall
great New England city shopping
> Runa (alrunia ahn): As Runa always
does, gave her all in helping with
various “here and there” needs.
> motley (Delwyn Druth): All over the
place providing decor details to
polish up the region.
> Virginia: Providing the very
well-received Lovecraft
Library and Birthday House.
> Others chipped in here and there
as well.

Our Entertainment Team:
> Fitch Lekvoda (Senior Staff)
Event Recruitment and Coordination,
Festival Radio Stream programming.
> Misk Firethorn, Virginia:
Lovecraft Story Time organizers/
> Doc Avalon: Movie Theater Manager

Our Adventure Team:
> Jimmy Branagh (Senior Staff)
> motley (Delwyn Druth)

Our Merchants:
> Over 50 (the most ever) great
designers and showcasers from
across the grid! Thank you all
for such a wonderful variety of
wares and works!

Again Lovecraft Festival has attained more and more attention, become more widely known and recognized as we do year after year. Thank you to all who contributed, and please forgive me if I missed a name.

I broke my own Fest taboo and am already chewing on ideas for next year… as there are some concepts and new things I want to review with our core planning team to see what they think… It will be something a bit different in some ways, and familiar perhaps in others… but all in all fresh and interesting – or it won’t be attempted ;-) . Either way, onward, forward, and looking to another, and still better, year ahead!

~Arik Metzger
Lovecraft Festivals of SLs

Last but not least a huge thank to Arik, the tireless master brain and chief fish of the Lovecraft Festivals of Second Life for yet another Lovecraft Birthday celebration in Second Life!



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