Aznana’s Aberrant Accouterments: Cats of Ulthar

Cats of Ulthar

H.P.Lovecraft was a cat lover. There are a number of cat fanciers among the organizers and presenters at Lovefest.
The most obvious is Arik Metzger, Founder of HPL-RPG  Group, the annual HP Lovecraft Festivals and the Innsmouth Preservation Society, but probably more importantly, the assistant, butler and occasional companion of Fuzzbutt (left), who is the most photographed feline in SL and possibly an Elder God.

In the center of Lovefest you will find C.C.L. El’s Cats selling Vampy cats and other supernatural breeds, blue tabbies (Fuzzbutt Tribute Kitties) and LE Lovefest KittyCat collars.
Purchase of the blue tabbies or the collars helps support the Innsmouth sim and future Lovecraft events.
If you visit the gypsy camp, you’ll see a tribute to the Cats of Ulthar. Petting the giant cat will give you a shoulder Kitty which answers yes and no questions.
Here you can see both my Vampy cat wearing his Limited Edition collar and the free Ulthar oracle cat.
Below you see a close up of the shoulder cat advising me as I browsed in El’s store.

Hair ~ Doe Ettie
Head ~ Catwa Lona 3.0
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin ~ Misschevious Delora
Outfit ~ TnB Lace Bralet [7 colors + a fatpack / Belleza, Maitrey, Slink] *
1313 Mockingbird Lane Phryne skirt and Belted Pouch *
Jewelry ~ Clemmm Ingo Pin Original [4 colors available] *

via Aznana’s Aberrant Accouterments: Cats of Ulthar


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