Shari The Cat : IT’S LOVEFEST TIME! Lovefest 2018 – H.P.Lovecraft

Lovefest 2018 – H.P.Lovecraft

Its that time of year again – H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday which of course means IT’S LOVEFEST TIME
Lovefest brings together all the designers and Vendors who love the weird, the creepy and horror side of literature and was born in Providence, Rhode Island.  Come and enjoy the events which are so varied from Live music, to DJ’s to Shopping, Tram Rides, Tentacle Traps and lots to see and do including the annual Hunt.

If you do not know who Harold Phillip Lovecraft was, he was a writer of short stories, poetry and novels from the early 1900’s. He was Born on 20th August 1890 and would have been 128 this year, he passed away in March 1937,  He reached a state of fame after his death and died quite poor.   Short story writer, editor, novelist, and was classified in the following Genres – Wierd Fiction, Horror Fiction, Science Fiction, Gothic Fiction, Fantasy Fiction.  He reached fame after his death through his published works and is now thought of as one of the most symbolic writers in his Genre at that time.

Take a look at some of the links below the pictures and come and have a look about, have some fun, take some pics and check out the fantastic creations from the awesome designers and creators as well as the awesome sim designers who have designed this awesome event.

Annual Lovecraft Festival, celebrating the 128th birthday of HP Lovecraft

via Shari The Cat : IT’S LOVEFEST TIME! Lovefest 2018 – H.P.Lovecraft


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