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2018 Performers Listing

Dance Troups

Elysium Cabaret
Time to get beamed up and have your imagination probed at Lovecraft Festival 2018!  Elysium Cabaret takes the stage in this celebration of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Where are they taking
you? Someplace unusual, with acts inspired by the legendary writer. If you enjoy the sexy,  strange, unusual, or bizarre, hop on over and prepare to be probed, figuratively speaking. Adults
only please!
Tuesday, August 21st at 7pm SLT
Guerilla Burlesque @ LOVEFEST 2018.png
Guerilla Burlesque has been setting the standard in Second Life dance entertainment since 2011. Produced at Idle Rogue, the troupe presents a weekly revue of famously high production values and attention to detail. We are delighted to be invited to Lovefest 2018 to share our work with fans of HP Lovecraft. We’re bringing fresh acts designed especially for the event, under the direction of Zahra Ethaniel, whose vision is to explore Lovecraftian concepts with wit, style, and great affection.
NF Lovefest 2018 Poster 2.pngThe Nouvelle Folies
A brand new Variety show built of some old friends with a great common interest for SL dance. With a cast of inspired and seasoned dancers they will bring you shows with that little bit extra.  For the LoveFest 2018 we offer a medley of gloom and madness with a twist and the occasional tentacle. All inspired by Lovecrafts epic tales, acts that we hope will entertain you!
At the LoveFest Theater @ 3pm slt on Friday August 24th.
Whymsee NEW logo Whympsee
Join us on Saturday, 8/18/18, starting at 6 pm, for Whymsee Invades LoveFest! Kyra Msarko and I have 12 songs, a set around an invasion theme, and some great gifts for you! Come dressed for an invasion (just make sure bits and pieces are covered). It should be a fun celebration, and we can’t do it without you!

DJ Entertainers

The Dark Doll
Fitch Lekvoda

DJ-JoAnn Hax
JoAnn Hax

Wain Arun

Whimsycallie Pegler

Erehwon Texeira

Belleen Morte

io Mooncheeks

Live Performers


CellShader – An industrial musician who performs live in SL. He blends influences primarily from electronic, metal, and classical music genres.  

Wald Schridde

Wald Schridde – He sings and plays folk songs, traditional tunes and early music on guitar, autoharp, mountain dulcimer, recorders, mandolin, and penny whistles. He creates layered, multi-track recordings of medieval and renaissance music.

Paris Cloyd

Paris CloydA Solo Guitarist who performs original live instrumental music he has written, recorded, mixed and mastered. He is from Los Angeles, California. ,










Ken Bucks (IanSongman Resident)

Ken Bucks (IanSongman Resident) – A “real life singer/songwriter/musician” who began performing on the streets of Innsmouth four years past. Arik Metzger stumbled upon him and encouraged to pursue in SL his musical endeavors, which consist of a distinctly blues/rock hybridization unique to his offerings.

Drum - Taiko♫~D R U M~♫
(Divine Rhythms of Universal Music)
DRUM’s goal is to bring the world to you via the power of drumming. Our aim is to have fun and to
create incredibly beautiful rhythms – live. Right now our performances consists of 10 different drum cultures, Taiko (Japanese), Native
American, African, Latin, Indian, Mallets, Stomp Wall, Rusty Barrel, African Ghost, Brazilian, and
Steel Pan drums. We are planning many new exciting sets for the near future!

RoseDrop Rust came to Sl to promote his podcast RoseDrop Media Circus. A lifelong musician in live bands and musical theater in real life, he began performing live in many SL live music venues in 2006 and has now played over 3000 dates in SL. Rusty writes an original announcement for every show, and hosts a poetry reading every Saturday evening,

David Csiszer Profile Pic.png

Songwriter/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist David Csiszer delivers an unique array of original songs as well as classic cover tunes ranging from alternative & acoustic rock to blues & jazz. Follow the journey with David as he performs some favorites from various groups such as Coldplay, Zepplin, Chilli Peppers, STP, Stone Sour, Imagine Dragons, U2, and Daft Punk

Movies & Podcasts

Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon
Gallery of Curiosities Podcast by Mosseveno Tenk

Readings & Workshops


Sunday, August 19th at 2pm slt Seanchai Library presents Neil Gaiman’s A STUDY IN EMERALD, a pastiche tribute to the mystique of Lovecraft, with a twist and Saturday, August 25th at 2pm slt “Into the Unknown” with Seanchai Library, as they present various short stories from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Both sessions presented live in SL Voice.


Lovecraft Readings by Misk Firethorn and Arik Metzger

Roleplay Workshop with Beryl Strifeclaw

Please regard all questions about event schedule to: The dark doll  Fitch Lekvoda !


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