Event Promotion

We will promote LoveFest to the best of our ability but it will also require your help.

Remember that more visitors will equal more sales! Past events have been listed in the SL Destination Guide and promoted by us in and outside of Second Life.

We recruit a team of dedicated bloggers who will blog not only merchants and shop products, but also our beautiful sim and the adventure theme. We will be sending your information regarding the blogging and how to get items to bloggers.

What can you do to help promote LoveFest ?

– Rez Official Poster in your store (required upon acceptance)
– Join the LoveFest Merchants group to get newest information
(required upon acceptance)
– Mention the event in your newsletters
– Tell your group members via group notices
– Join our Flickr group and add all your item pics
– Encourage your bloggers to post pics in Flickr and on our FB page
– “Like” our Facebook page
– Share LoveFest postings on social media outlets
– Add the event to your Picks when it begins
– Use SL Events to promote the event
– Tell your friends
– Spread the Landmark
– Blog – if you have a personal blog, blog about it as often as possible.
– Demo – Have demo items in your store and/or MP with event SLURL


We appreciate all your efforts to make LoveFest as successful this year as it has been in the past!