Fine Print – READ ME!

You must be in the Lovecraft Festivals of SL group for the duration of the event.
Group tag is required for space entry and building.

If you are going to be late with set-up, you must contact Arik Metzger via NC so we have on file who is doing what and can keep the event organized. If you are not set-up for the event launch and have not contacted us, you will be removed from the event with no refund. Our timetable is posted on the blog and clearly spells out the due dates.

You are expected to stay within your prim limit and will be notified if you go above it. If the extra prims are not adjusted, we will remove items until your prim limit is reached.

If you do not provide us with a full perm logo when you pay the event fees, we have no way of setting up your space or listing you on the blog.

Only scripts allowed are a landmark giver and vendors. NO gacha machines are to be used inside your shop. You may only use the gacha machines provided by the event.

Only low prim/low impact group givers. No float text that interferes with your neighbor’s space set-up. Make sure your items stay inside your space, don’t interfere with other shops next to you and do not flicker when you zoom out. Do not use your shop space to promote other SL events or businesses other than your own.

All payments are non-refundable. We use payments to pay event expenses. If you can not participate last minute or do not have your store set-up, there are no refunds.

All items must be kept inside your space. Carts are to keep items on and directly in front/on side of cart-do not string items out or take up additional space. If you have a question about your set-up, contact Arik Metzger for approval.

You are required to post the event poster/subscriber at your store. If you are a marketplace store only, you are required to place the event texture under the picks of your profile with the event info.

You may decorate your booth however you like as long as you stay within your prim limit and keep items inside your space. Do remember however that is an event with a strong theme and respect that theme! In other words, not the best event for pink fluffy bunnies.

Once your payment is verified, you will be sent a group invite & Merchants Welcome Kit.

Payment for participation is expected upon event acceptance, however the latest it can be accepted is ( not sure yet)  -no exceptions unless by prior arrangement with Arik Metzger. If you do not pay on time, you will be sent 1 NC as a reminder. 24 hours will be given and then you will be removed from the event.