Gachas & Gifts



All gacha machines will be located at the Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack area. Machines will be provided for you. These machines are not assigned and can be purchased on a first come basis, based on the number indicated in your application. If more than the number indicated are purchased, they will be deleted.

**Sponsors may purchase up to 3 gachas, also located at the Seaside Gacha Shack area.


Compliance with Linden Labs TOS and Global Copyright law is a must! Infringement of copyright or TOS violation will not be tolerated and violators will be ejected from the event without notice and reported to Linden Labs.

Please be sure to include new products in your gachas. Customers will want to see items related to the theme and those will be more successful!


All levels are required to have one new and theme-related gift for the event. On the application, you will choose either a store gift (priced at 0L or 1L max) or a gift to be used for the “Path to Madness” mystery “hunt” adventure. This is a good opportunity to promote your store, so be sure that the gift is of good quality and related to the event theme.