2017 Merchants

LoveFest 2017 Applications are now open and you are cordially invited to apply! This is the 6th year of this dark and wonderful homage to Lovecraft and we think it will be the best yet!

This year we welcome talented creators from the horror, vintage, fantasy, and other fields to apply. We hope that you will explore our blog and see all the new changes and updates that we have made to/for the Fest, while still retaining the original spirit of this great event :)

The 6th Annual Lovecraft Festival runs from August 17-27, celebrating H.P. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday, as always, with something exciting, entertaining, and unique for all.

Our visitors will enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of Kingsport, Massachusetts (LoveFest’s New England Coastal town), trying their luck at our Seaside Gacha Shack, or role-play opportunities while they hazard a visit to the disquieting Arkham Sanitorium. They will also experience a week of sim-wide events and entertainment featuring SL’s best music and stage shows at the theatre and other locations in town.  Finally, people will be able to sign on for a deep sea expedition in the remote South Pacific (this year’s “Mysteries of the Deep” full sim adventure hunt/quest)!

Shops are available at several prim levels and price points, including Sponsorship. Merchants may also choose to participate in our Coastal Gacha Shack or rent ad boards at the landing points.

Be sure to click on the Policies & Procedures to read all of the Merchant Information before completing the application. You may direct any questions regarding the 2017 festival to Arik Metzger (ArikTheRed). Welcome aboard!

LoveFest 2017 Merchants from A – Z

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