LoveFests Past

How all began…


In April of 2012 a “noob” came to Second Life, logged in creating the name “ArikTheRed,” borrowing his own name as used in other online communities.  His second day in he saw “Innsmouth” on the Destinations guide, recognized the name from a few stories he’d read ages ago, and >click< stepped into darkness facing an ominous door.  Another  >click< and the door opened to glaring light… One more >click< and he watched as his avatar walked through, into the light… and stepped out into “Lovecraft Country…”

After an enrapt wandering through the eerie, moldering New England fishing town and its countryside, and “search results” coming up with Arkham, Dunwich and Kingsport as well, he decided what he wanted to do… and immersed himself in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired things of Second Life, taking up the name Arik Metzger and settling in Arkham as lighthouse keeper.


Soon after, Arik Metzger was compelled to organize a festival as tribute to the late “patron author” of the Miskatonic Valley regions, securing a carnival wagon of distinct, “Lovecraftian” design, and struck out to see to his idea.

Lovecraft Wagon 1

He drove his wagon across “The Grid” hopping from region to region promoting the LoveFest project – any region that in any way might represent the theme interests – Arkham, Innsmouth and the like of course, but also venturing into the Steamlands – New Babbage, Steelhead, and others – and into Goth territories, and a variety of other regions, ultimately pooling together enthusiasts and vendors to celebrate…


LoveFest 2012 Poster

(The 2012 Lovecraft Festival of Second Life)

LoveFest 2012 had a “Dark Circus” theme, in line with the Lovecraft Carnival Wagon, and took place on a 3/8 “full” region… small in a way, yet had a lot to offer what with a full carnival and “Lovecraft Big Top” Circus Tent!

With a carnival of rides and games, a cluster of carnival stalls leased by merchants, and an ambitious set of parties, entertainment and events hosted not only at the  across 12 regions along with an accompanying 12 region scavenger hunt, the LoveFests of Second Life took shape and sprang into life!