Goddess Invocation – Cats of Ulthar

First pic I’m wearing;
Eclectica Minotaur Horns_15_RARE
Second pic I’m wearing
Eclectica Minotaur Horns_18_RARE
Electica’s gacha products can be found in the Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack.
All Eclectica products are original mesh with copy and modify permissions.
Except for gacha products.
Eclectica creates jewelery, shoes, glasses, gloves, feathers, furs, hats, accessories.

First pic I’m wearing;
DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Tentacle Tickles
Fingers and toes.
Last image in post is the Dark Passions ad for these nail appliers, to view all color tones in fatpack.

First pic I’m wearing;
Clemmm – Igno Pin /// Decay Filth
3 additional pins available in;
aged emerald,aged original,decay moss
I took a copy of the decay filth pin and positioned it to the top of the gown. It originally attaches to the neck.

1st,3rd and 4th pic I’m wearing;
MCC – woman – Lovecraft gown – white
belleza all,slink all,tonic all,maitreya,ocacin
MadCatCreations Boutique also has an exclusive red floral gown and black gown at Lovefest 2018.

Firelight – Michelle Gen2 Fatpack
Featured at Lovefest 2018
In this fatpack, you’ll receive rigged and unrigged hairs. 7 hair texture huds and a color wheel tint hud
black and white, blonds, browns, darks, essentials, mega, red. Each hair texture hud comes with two hair effects; Rich/ Full and Wispy. Wispy shows individual hair strands with a more natural look. Rich/ Full gives the hair a plush full set of hair. It doesn’t have alpha issues. Wispy may conflict with clothing that has alpha in it as well as standing against an alpha background such as trees, plants, and so forth. Firelight also has another featured hair and an exclusive hair. You can view the exclusive hair in my Blogspot blog post covering the Lovefest 2018 event.
Firelight has an entertaining area in her store booth at the event. Have a seat in the salon chair next to a client whose head has a hatchet sunk in her head, dripping with blood. Perfect to take a picture as a great memory at Lovecraft Festival 2018!

Undertied -Anchor-skull-Necklace
Medium and Long lengths included with a texture hud. Texture hud allows you to texture the skull, with clean and bloody versions. Choose from dark solid or crystal colored eyes. Skull colors from dark metal, dark metal bloody, and light metal.

2nd and 5th pic I’m wearing;
Pixelancer ~ LF18 T-Shirt for Woman ~ Purple ~ Rigged Mesh L
5 fitmesh and 5 standard mesh sizes
Only wear standard mesh if you wear maitreya or other mesh bodies like belleza, slink etc.
The old fitmesh that Pixelancer is using is not the same fitmesh that is rigged specifically to mesh bodies. I believe this fitmesh is designed for classic avatars. You’ll need to do some alpha hiding but not as much as you would have to do with the fitmesh.
There are also matching purple baseball caps as well. Additional souvenir shirts and caps also come in grey. Alpha for shirt is provided for classic avatars.
Pixelancer has a hunt item in the story quest that begins in Arkham Sanitarium
Follow the red arrow to the tracking beam after landing at the beginning to be led directly to the start of the hunt at the Sanitarium.
Look for slimy green star shaped tentacle monsters with brown eyeballs to grab your prize from Pixelancer and other Lovefest designers.
You can view Pixelancer’s Eyes of Azaroth hunt item in the 3rd pic. It has copy permissions.
You can see what the hunt object looks like in the 5th pic.
Lovecraft Festival 2018 – ends Sept 2nd

~InSanity~ Genus Omega Lipstain Applier # 4
Additional lipstains in 6 beautiful colors.
This lipstain is only for the Genus Project mesh bento mocap head.
Insanity creator says it may fit other heads.
Genus Project re-released the beta Genus Project head back at their mainstore. Buy it at the early access price and save $10 USD. Get the update for free. You won’t need to buy the Genus Omega installer kit. Genus head now has Omega installed.
Lipstain available at The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale August Round. Everything is priced at 10L.

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Lovecraft Time – The Cats of Ulthar
Presented by Aewakened Productions and narrated by Arik Metzger(arikthered), owner of Lovecraft sim and event planner.