Down Below Or Above?

There was something odd about the haze covering the sky, and as I stumbled from my bed and crossed to the window, it occured to me that it might not be the sky at all? Was I above or below ground? Why would my mind not clear? And what where those creatures moving about out there?!
Something was happening beneath the surface, something was also happening above the ground. Reports of strange sightings, never before seen species, ruins that were just suddenly “there”. What could it all mean?
Lilith’s Den created some really cool items for LoveFest 2018: A Path to Madness August 17 -26. The  Elder Squid Stone stands sentinel, watching over your yard or water garden.
Various little Cthuflea’s flutter about, all part of the Cthuflea Gacha collection which includes various ‘fleas’ both static and animated to fill up your life with. This collection includes 2 ultrarares, 5 rares, 2 uncommons and 5 commons to win.
Half wall and columns- Aquatic mystic creatures,  can be assembled in any way you wish, there are 10 different aquatic creature designs.
Satomi’s 2017 Underwater windlight used

theMan~theLegend… – … all about “Stuff”…

TheMan, TheLegend

H.P. Lovecraft is still being remembered after 128 years as SL proves that with the LoveFest in honor of his birth…Simply Shelby items that you see are specifically geared towards this man who was rated one of the great horror authors ~ the silhouette of H.P. Lovecraft is for those that enjoy having great men as decor on their walls ~ the Dia de Muertos Bench has both …


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Event: LoveCraft Festival – Virtually Sheree

In the realms of a murky darkness is where the mysterious awaits. Is it dark and murky or is it madness. Or are you the mad person here?

Is that a tentacle curling up around your thigh or have you lost the plot?

28835977287_5a4f265732_zClothing top is Lovecraftess by DSO – Link Below

Officially opening at 8pmSLT on 17 August until 26th August, The 2018 Lovecraft Adventure invites you to walk the path to madness where you will find vendors for clothing, furniture and other creepy items to further your descent into insanity where we’re waiting for you.

And there’s entertainment to get those creepy sensations running through spin to your legs to boogie till you feel your legs wiggle like an eight tentacle sensation.


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Did you know… – … all about “Stuff”…

Yes, did you know about the upcoming festival “LoveFest2018…and did you know this centers around a real person H.P. Lovecraft…don’t feel like the Lone Ranger I was not aware who H.P. Lovecraft was either but since Google and Wikipedia are the go-to sources I decided to look up a bit about this person who this event is centered around. H.P. Lovecraft was born 128 years ago in Providence, Rhode Island ~ his childhood was one filled with mysterious, tragic events that might have been a stepping stone to the stories he would later write…Stephen King called H.P. “the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale.” ~ there is a lot more details if you would like to know more about this writer just click HERE ~ LoveFest 2018 this year, which am honored to be a blogger for centers around the town of Arkham, Massachusetts with shopping, live music with a good mix of singers and entertainers, there is also if you are inclined to get involved with a mystery at the Arkham Sanitarium ~ that’s all I can tell you at the moment but keep watching for a peek into the gacha’s and various other items btw if you are into creepy or horror this is one event you won’t wanna miss ♥


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