Story Quest Update – The Path Of Madness

With LoveFest 2018’s Story Quest (Hunt) we are treading along “the Path of Madness” this year…

Lovecraft Festival is thrilled to take on this new
and extremely intriguing theme – inviting our
guests to visit the notorious Arkham Sanatorium
in the spirit of HP Lovecraft…

Please forgive the delay, but we will have this fine mini-quest in order soon. Our merchants and staff have some fine things in store for this great little experience…

Hopes are to have it in full swing by Monday!

Please contact Arik Metzger (arikthered)
for questions, comments or concerns!

LoveFest 2018

The 7th Annual Lovecraft Festival looms, scheduled for August 17-27, celebrating H.P. Lovecraft’s 128th birthday, as always, with something exciting, entertaining, and unique for all.

Enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of our New England Coastal town, try the machines at the Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack, see the Gypsies of Ulthar or hazard a visit to the local tourist features.

You will, if you like, also experience nine-plus days of sim-wide events and entertainment, featuring SL’s best music and stage shows.


Along with the shops and event schedule, visitors may want to see the notorious Arkham Sanitarium to delve into a mystery where a particular patient is beset with a dark, quite disturbing mental affliction…

Discover clues as to what brought this pathetic lunatic to his state of crazed despair, and follow a trail of clues.  .

One thing is certain, insanity lurks in many places.  Is there something to be learned? Are there grave things lurking, incubating as a result of the careless delvings of a too-curious soul?  Is there even a soul still to be had by this hapless individual?

Will you find your way, and unravel the secrets along the Path to Madness?


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Summoning to the Watery Underground


Summoned into the depths, she had already taken on the strange form, eyes changing into a feral tone, and tentacles reaching up from her long hair. Wearing her very best, she set off in search of the Old One’s Temple through the dark depths of the undiscovered areas of the sea.

(The skin that I am wearing with the ohhh so adorable freckles is Raquel, freckled version in apricot, by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. She is a Lelutka based skin that includes a Lelutka mesh head applier modeled after the Lelutka Simone head (worn here with the Stella head), in 6 skin tones. This is also available in a separate box containing the same tones in plain version. Also available for purchase is the fantastic shape to go with it!

 !!Firelight!! created the lovely Cordelia Hair which is available in 5 different color packs and on sale now for only $99L during Designer Circle until Sept 2.

( VENGE has some great items that are part of their Abysm Gacha collection, such as the Tentacle Crown Green which is a RARE. You can play this great gacha at LoveFest 2017 Aug 17-27th )

Another item from the Abysm Gacha collection by VENGE is the Abysm Eyes  Fire , another RARE to be won at LoveFest

She was being too slow and the sound grew louder, forcing her to cover her ears as it echoed in the watery depths. Hugging herself a bit, she stepped down from the ruins and made her way towards it.

The lovely Poison Colour Shine Gown,by {Poeme}, is another exclusive item for LoveFest. It is available in 4 colors and compatible with Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Fitmesh.

Image Essentials created the Demure pose set which consists of 5 poses plus mirrors.

VENGE has even more great stuff for us at LoveFest. The Abyssal Beast Ring in Red & Red  is a GIFT and a fantastic exclusive is the Abysm Love Necklace

Pictures taken in the Deep Sea Hunt area at LoveFest 2017 Aug 17-27th. Do you dare to enter the depths to find the prizes hidden below? A world of wonder celebrating the 127th birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. Enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of this New England Coastal town. Perhaps you would like to check out the gacha machines at the shack and test your luck. Or visit the local tourist features, but beware, not all is as it seems, or is it? What is reality and what isn’t here? Enjoy ten days of sim-wide events and entertainment, with great music and stage shows. For more information and schedule of daily events, check out their blog here:


42 days to go!

Only 42 days to go until Kingsport, a whole coastal town full of lovecraftian crafts and entertainment opens its gates!
Here the layout of Kingsport. As you can guess, it covers a whole sim.

Merchants Quarter Map

Date : 17 -27 August 2017

Merchants apply here:

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