The Mysteries of Kingsport – Hail Cthulhu!!

She had walked down to the water to check out the strange sound while awaiting a ship to take her from the cursed place. But as the sound grew louder, she became faint and collapsed. So easily forgotten, laying upon the sand, her mind was caught up in a dreamlike state while her body convulsed. Tentacles, that sound, and a darker side to the town now appearing to her ill begotten mind.
(LoveFest 2017 is open Aug 17-27th. A world of wonder celebrating the 127th birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. Enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of this New England Coastal town. Perhaps you would like to check out the gacha machines at the shack and test your luck. Or visit the local tourist features, but beware, not all is as it seems, or is it? What is reality and what isn’t here? Enjoy ten days of sim-wide events and entertainment, with great music and stage shows. For more information and schedule of daily events, check out their blog here:
  There was a small boy beckoning people to a strange circus, a bit macabre with large statues of strange creatures.
She even saw tentacles reaching out to her in the dream, beckoning to her, and stepping closer, she succumbed to their embrace.

How long she would lay there was anyone’s guess, what happened remained a mystery and would probably never be solved.

And just what was happening in the town cemetery? Was all of this real or part of a very ill woman’s dream?

 In her dreams, she saw herself walking about the town. Pale and freckled, nothing unusual there was first.
(The skin that I am wearing with the ohhh so adorable freckles is Raquel, freckled version in apricot, by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. She is a Lelutka based skin that includes a Lelutka mesh head applier modeled after the Lelutka Simone head (worn here with the Stella head), in 6 skin tones. This is also available in a separate box containing the same tones in plain version. Also available for purchase is the fantastic shape to go with it!
!!Firelight!! created the hair I am wearing called, Portia. On sale for Steals And Deals Aug 18 to 22 each color pack is only $99L. Fatpack is 299L. It comes with 12 shade texture hud and tinting color wheel.)

Suddenly feeling weary within that dreamlike state, she envisioned herself settling onto a bench as a transformation began to take place..

(+M’s Avon+ created the great Octopus Bracelet&Rings. This accessory will be 1 L $ GIFT during LoveFest 2017)
 (Bleat created this lovely Doom Candy manicure with huds for Maitreya and Slink. It includes a hud containing 8 colors. Another LoveFest 2017 exclusive)
Laudanum Lollipops designed the lovely exclusive Lovecraft Pendant for LoveFest 2017
(EvelineIntheBox designed the sexy Adella dress. This mesh dress is available in your choice of 8 colors.Exclusively at LoveFest 2017)
Laudanum Lollipops also created the spooky Cultist Collection mask – Dedicated, for LoveFest 2017.

The Mysteries of Kingsport -The Asylum

As I entered the building, it was eerily quiet, no sound was heard, nothing at all. I slowed my step and took the time to peek around each and every corner making sure the coast was clear before entering each room. ‘Where was everyone?’, I thought to myself. What had happened here?

As I entered the next room I did see something that caught my eye. Perhaps this was a dream and soon I would wake. As I drew a bit closer, I saw what I thought was an elephant standing on a ball riding it around, and a monkey on a bike with what appeared to be a gentleman or ringmaster standing close by. Was this real? Or was it a painting behind a glass to appear this way?

 The next corner I went around had busted down doorways leading to where I knew not, Some were completely destroyed while others appeared to be plainly opened and left that way. The farther I went down the hallway the more I saw things that started to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up while feeling like someone or something was either watching or following me.

While rounding the next corner I came across a room that was completely covered in blood. It looked like some sort of ritual or murder scene from one of those shows that make you curl up then have nightmares after going to bed. Blood was everywhere! Tables were overturned and nothing else was in the room not even a weapon.


Slowly I kept going until I reached the main office where my uncle was supposed to be working. This room appeared at first glance as if nothing was wrong, but, there was still no one around, No sounds, nothing at all. And nothing was out of place or so it seemed.

Stumbling to gather my thoughts, I sat down in a chair and looked at the desk across from me. There were a few notes scribbled on the paper. Should I read them? Should I dare to have a look for myself? These thoughts kept racing through my mind like a train on a runaway down a mountain. It was after reading a hastily scribbled note in my uncle’s own hand, that I knew I had to get out of this town and right away! What happened here?
Without wasting anymore time, I ran straight down the streets and towards the docks in hopes of finding room on a ship to sail on to another port. I found nothing but silence, ships had run aground and there was a complete lack of activity down here. But, that sound, was loud enough to make my head hurt! Covering my ears, I proceeded down towards the water, if I was to be stuck here, I may as well try to find out what the noise was…

Love Fest runs from August 17- August 27th.! A world of wonder celebrating the 127th birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. Enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of this New England Coastal town. Perhaps you would like to check out the gacha machines at the shack and test your luck. Or visit the local tourist features, but beware, not all is as it seems, or is it? What is reality and what isn’t here? Enjoy ten days of sim-wide events and entertainment, with great music and stage shows. For more information and schedule of daily events, check out their blog here:

LoveFest 2017 Opening Time


Yes, it’s upon us!

GATES OPEN: Thurs, August 17 – 7:00pm SLT
>> 8-11PM SLT – Festival Gala Opening at the Regent Theatre!

Fest Events Schedule!

Your Cab:


Kingsport Layout.jpg

High Society

The Miller family were high society, aristocrats and deeply immersed into the political scheme of things. When Mr Luden Miller returned from time out at sea, he brought home some oddly decorated furniture. His family, demurely accepted his need to have it in the house, chalking it up to the strange temperament of a sea captain.
It began a few days after his return, the man was bed bound, suffering seizures and screaming nonsense. His wife was beside herself and didn’t know what to do, and as the best doctors in the city were up in his room examining their patient, the youngest of the daughters wandered downstairs. She was curious about the new furnishings and tried to make sense of the strange drawings upon them. A small piece of paper, caught in between the drawers drew her attention and as she reached for it, she noticed a strange and eerie sound. Turning to look in the direction it came from, she stood frozen in place as large tentacles appeared to be reaching out of the fireplace. Slumping down to the ground, she lost consciousness as her brother rushed in and called for a doctor…

Furnishings: Simply Shelby created the amazingly creepy Cthulhu Fireplace Set. This set includes a fireplace with two options, continuous flame or flame with on/off script.You will be able to find this amazing item at the LoveFest August 17-27. This event is a celebration of H.P. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday. Shopping, hunting, entertainment and roleplay can be found at the festival.
For more information check out their link here:
Schedule of events at the festival can be found Here:
 Pose: The pose used is called Long Grass, by FOXCITY. This was their June VIP Gift. With arms reaching out as if walking in tall grass, brushing fingertips as you walk along.
7 Deadly s[K]ins is having a special event in store right now for their VIPs. It is the Harvest Days advent calendar, a different skin for men and women each day for only 1L. This skin, named Melania, is an  Omega face applier based skin. And is the prize for Day 16 of 31 days. Melania includes Omega face appliers for Caramel ( plain version worn here with Catwa Catya head and Maitreya body), chestnut, cotton, taupe, pineapple , powder, sand, in glamour and plain versions. Also includes tango, slink, phatazz, and body appliers.  Mens gift also included in the box!
!!Firelight!! is participating in the Skull N Bones Hunt August 6-Sept 6 with the lovely updo Tabatha in Wood tone as their prize. Rigged mesh hair with 5 color hud & color tinting wheel included.

My eyes are the IKON Triumph Eyes in the Loam color. These include mesh and system eyes in 4 sizes, along with a placement hud.

Bleat created the Cutesy Cthulhu manicure that I am wearing. This comes with appliers for Slink & Maitreya with a texture hud containing 5 different color options. Another exclusive item for LoveFest
**Mistique** also has a fantastic exclusive for LoveFest. This dress named, Ariel is available in several color choices such as blue, purple, lilac, pink, yellow and red. It is  compatible with Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, standard and fitmesh sizes.

Also at the festival is more items by Simply Shelby. The Nasturtium Planter – B&W adds a lovely touch to your decor. And the Vintage Upholstered Bench in Black & White is a great place to rest with several sitting animations.

Bleat also has a handheld sign for supporters and protestors of Cthulhu, at LoveFest. This is one of the supporting items called, Cthulhu Praise.
Simply Shelby created some more furnishings for LoveFest and used in this post. The Antique Dresser Set-Lovecraft Edition includes the Rosette Wall Decor in tarnished gold, Chest of Drawers, Haunted Flowers Vase, & Wardrobe.
Bleat has some more items for us, which I placed on top of the dress. The Mini Cthulhu Plate is a RARE in their gacha collection for the event and there is also a
Plate of cookies called the Watcher Plate, which is 1 of 2 plate designs.
 The cookies disappear and are given to the person who clicks. The plate will refill after all cookies have been given out. Found only at LoveFest
Chop Zuey has some more fantastic gifts out for their VIP and even some for non-VIPS! Just in time for beach parties and gatherings, we have the She Sell She Necklace and separate gift, She Sell She Earrings. Both of these contain resize scripts and can be found at the main store.

LoveFest 2017 – Featured Event @ Second Life Destination Guide

Drums and Trumpets :

Lovecraft Festival 2017

Come to the 6th annual Lovecraft Festival. Celebrating the author H.P. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday from August 17-27. Kingsport, a city of Lovecraft Lore, is known as a community of artists and artisans that is packed to the brim with live shows, entertainment, gifts, themed vendors and adventure quest only waiting for you! More at

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