JUNE 10th – Merchant Applications open to returning Merchants

-Submit store logo with application
-Request invite to Festival Group

NOTE: Payments due upon receipt of acceptance notice & invoice!
Merchant Kit sent on receipt of payment

JUNE 15th – JUNE 15th – Blogger Applications open

JULY 21st – Blogger information will be distributed

AUGUST 1st – Merchant Applications close

-Last date to pay Merchant or Sponsor fees
-Last date to rent ad boards
-Last date to submit 512 x 512 store logos for blog

JULY 30th – Blogger Applications close

AUGUST 1st – Final Merchant Kits sent to approved and paid merchants and sponsors

AUGUST 13th – Merchant/Sponsor setup

-Deadline for setup is 11:59 PM SLT on Aug. 16th

AUGUST 17th – LoveFest 2016 opens

AUGUST 20th – Happy birthday, H. P. Lovecraft!

AUGUST 26th – LoveFest2016 closes

AUGUST 27th – Merchants remove items from sim