The Bloggers of Lovefest 2017 – Part I

Hi, David Littman here.

The following brave and foolhardy individuals have sacrificed their time, effort, creativity, and possibly sanity to spread the word about the sublime madness that is Lovefest 2017. More victims may be added to this list we get closer to the stars aligning.

Fauve Aeon runs the clockwork contraption called the Fauve Æon [N°2], Babbage Aetheric Reader. You can find her hit bits and bobs and machinations here.

Red Pralou brings her occult sciences to the investigation as The Willy Nilly Witch.

Aerlinniel Vella follows close behind with Aerlinniels Wolftracks. Her evidence is logged in this file.

EloenMaerdrym Resident emerges from the safety of Eloen’s Other World to confront the horrors of Innsmouth. Her photographic record will serve as her testament to the struggle.

No stranger to the darkness herself, Neylinn bravely plunges Into the Depths. Her underwater camera will hopefully float to the surface, even in the event that she doesn’t.

Do you have what it takes to to be a Blogger for the best Lovecraft festival in Second Life? It’s not too late to sign up.

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