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The 6th Annual Lovecraft Festival occurs around the author H.P. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday (17-27 August 2017) and is as such a tribute to his work.

It includes shopping at the fresh for the event built New England coastal town, a seaside Gacha Shack, live entertainment and tourist features, as well as a scripted cross sim quest adventure “ MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP”  with a scavenger hunt.

Designer apply here :

LoveFest Office 2017.png

Visit the Festival Office in Innsmouth and grab a free Diving Helmet and Poster !




Coming Soon

After the great success of the 5th annual LoveFest, we look forward to another:

The 6th annual LoveFest in Second Life!

Everyone of the Event Committee is busy preparing to make this years LoveFest even more amazing than the past ones!
So stay tuned as we update this page.
Applications are opening very very soon!

LoveFest Poster 2017



LoveFest 2016- Raw Talent With A Side of Cthulhu


I cannot stress enough how much I’m in love with the incredible setup/design of the LoveFest 2016 event. As soon as you enter, you’re taken away to a hauntingly beautiful New England coastal town that’s filled with plenty to explore. Good luck getting in, because there were several instances in the past 24 hours where I found it packed to the brim.

There’s ample shopping with all of the merchants showcasing an event exclusive, so if you’re into the H.P. Lovecraft-era of horror and fashion, this is absolutely the event for you.

There’s a sanatorium, entertainment aboard a stunning 1920’s cruise ship and a really shady graveyard you may or may not want to explore.

The level of detail that went into the entire environment is an incredible treat. Just be forewarned: you will need and want plenty of time to be able to properly explore the entire sim, as there’s extensive shops, gachas and gems tucked away in this picturesque town that are worth the extra investigation.

I am always appreciative of being able to enjoy a glimpse of the creative processes of others, and this event was certainly no exception. Visually stunning and catering to my shopping addiction (plus an incredibly unique theme that I would love to see more of), you’ll want to make sure to take time to visit the LoveFest for yourself.

It’s open until August 21st. Make sure to check it out HERE.

You can also read up on the event on their official blog HERE.

Bria Oceanside

ZoHa Blogger/Social Media

Come to the Lovefest with me


lovefest Tentacle Graveyard

“To be bitter is to attribute intent and personality to the formless, infinite, unchanging and unchangeable void. We drift on a chartless, resistless sea. Let us sing when we can, and forget the rest..” 
― H.P. Lovecraft

 lovefest Ring and nails

This truly awesome event is a MUST VISIT event so put it on your list! Although you only have until 21st August so HURRY!  You can read more about the even HERE  Lovefest 2016 is the 5th Annual celebration of H.P. Lovecraft in Second Life.

Posh Pixels In Your Shoes

Outfit – The Little BatPenny for Lovecreaft festival 2016
Bolero, Corset and Skirt

Nails – DP – Koffin Nails – Key Of The Nile For Lovecraft Festival 2016

Ring – ~Tantalum~Haskett Rings for Lovecraft Festival 2016

Shoes – {POSH PIXELS}Unlock Me Heels – In My Shoes 2016

Pictures taken at Lovecraft Festival 2016


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Providence Providence

Cabaret Cabaret

Fancy Plumed Hat | Aleutia(Lovecraft Festival 2016)
Odette Hair |.Shi
Savages Glasses | Dichotomy
Lovefest Souvenir Ring | The Vintage Touch(Lovecraft Festival 2016)
Achelus Necklace | Tantalus(Lovecraft Festival 2016)
Cabaret Velvet Dress | Petite Mort(Lovecraft Festival 2016)
Geisha Heels | Pixicat

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Wicked Wicked


Wicked Witch Hat,Collar,Pauldrons & Sleeves | Noble Creations(The Enchantment-Aug)
Kym Hair | little bones (Collabor88-Aug)
ISOLDE Necklace (Gift) | PHEDORA (Collabor88-Aug)
Kane Corset |WIMEY
Lilith Dress | Aleutia(Lovecraft Festival 2016)
Wicked Witch Halo ,Hand FX and Heatwave | Cole’s Corner (The Enchantment-Aug)
Guardian of the Forest | noctis(Lovecraft Festival 2016)

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A Gentleman's Game


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown.”

-H.P. Lovecraft-

BAXE Just Walk Male Poses – Pose 7 @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (August 12-28th)

BRODERICK is wearing:
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape
Blazer: (BYRNE) Lovecraft Mens Blazer-DeepBlue @ LoveFest 2016

Innsmouth, Dark New England Coastal Town 1930

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The Map!


Here is the map to help you to find the Stores and Highlights of the Event !
Such as the Kingsport Library, The Arkham Sanitorium, the Ship! and last but not least the Seaside Gacha Shack.

You will find a copy of this map in the information sign at the landing of the 5th annual Lovefest 2016 in Second Life !