A Librarian’s Work Is Never Done

A Librarian’s Work Is Never Done

Librarian Manipulation

Cunning of A Mastermind

Librarian’s A.(Eye). Data Storage

Librarian’s Familiar

Purchase the lovely Evangeline bento shape featured in this story blog article

Maitreya alpha settings for MLCC – Esther Librarian

At two o’clock, the well known resident of Arkham, a staple figure in her community that one could respect and trust,
was pressed forward with a firm, steady hand at her elbow by a no nonsense man whom was not the kind of man you wanted to provoke. The pair walk at a brisk pace towards her fate, her destiny that she knew would very well happen if she were to be sloppy in her work.
24 hours earlier

You see a tall, slender woman in a white lab coat, leaning over a desk with piles of papers, beakers with strange colored liquids bubbling as they rest on a Bunsen burner. You see her pick up a long, slimy tentacle with a pair of metal tongs and you are astonished to see it wiggling about, as if it could somehow be alive without its body.
She brings it to the squat beaker with amber liquid quietly roiling with bubbles and slowly dips it inside, releasing it and stepping back as she watches it with avid intensity. Her hand raises up, brushing aside her bangs, and you notice her hair is pulled back into a bun, the hair wrapped around forming an upright column that ends with her hair neatly wrapped at the top. The only strands of hair that have escaped that impeccable hairdo, are caressing the sides of her face. You are taken aback by her beauty, even under the lab coat, you can see her dress is romantic while being practical. The starched white blouse held in place by black suspenders, her waist cinched in by the rust and copper corset giving way to a black tulle layered skirt that reaches the floor, swaying and sweeping the bare wooden flooring.

She seems to be focused on her experiment, and you see her reach down for a pair of glasses. Not the typical glasses you would see, but more like goggles you might wear while piloting a plane or out in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula while exploring The Nameless City on an expedition.
She turns towards you and you gasp, but then realize she cannot see you. You’re looking into her past and quickly remember this fact. You bring your attention once more to her and note how crystal clear the glass lens of the goggles are. Framed in copper, cupping her eyes perfectly. You note that her goggles match her dress and this makes you smile wistfully. A scientist with a sense of fashion? Perhaps she is more than her work. You look away and study the room. A tall bookcase filled to the brim with leather bound books, and an index filing cabinet squashed in between another bookcase.

You start to wonder if she is a scientist and more that of a librarian, especially when you see books you have seen in class at the Miskatonic University, stacked on an olive metal cart, as if waiting to be returned to their home on the book shelves.

You hear a commotion below on the ground floor of the building. The sounds of feet clacking on the stairwell surprise you and you turn your glance back to the librarian. She doesn’t seem to have heard the men shouting as they clamber up to the third story of the university, where you realize you are at as you look at her in what you now see is the study of Professor Lake.

She turns towards you again and you see she has removed her goggles. Her eyes shine bright, with an eerie glow. She blinks and you swear you saw reptile green eyes staring back at you. She digs in the pocket of her lab coat, which you see has the name tag of, Professor Lake – Biology Dept, stitched into the material in black thread.
She pulls out a handkerchief and proceeds to clean her goggles. The middle aged woman before you places the goggles back on her smooth face and she smiles, as if she is eager to meet the men on the other side of the door, the doorknob twisting as you hear the clamor of shouting continuing. The door swings open and a group of men clad in uniform storm the lab, seize her by the hand, and drag her away.

She goes willingly, as if she knew this was going to come, as if she expected this throng of angry men.

What is going on here? Is she one of us, or something else? And what was that tentacle doing in this lab? Why was she acting like she had taken over Professor Lake’s department, as if it were her own? Speaking of Professor Lake, where is he? Is he still out at the expedition in Antarctica? Many unanswered questions boggle the mind of the Onlooker.

One year in the future

The librarian sits cozy in her large high back desk chair, enjoying the night breeze coming through the bars of her cell. She waves hello at the demented “prisoner” patient across the holding area from hers at her close confidant she had been manipulating and scheming with. A purring is heard followed by a sleepy “meow” and you can see a black feline with intense ruby eyes lazily stretched across the white and gold desk that looks like it came from the future.
Coiled around the cat’s neck is a green tentacle, looking like at any moment, it could wiggle its way free and slither into the vast establishment of Arkham’s Sanitarium, where the citizens of Arkham city are kept safe from dangerous mentally ill people dredged from the society that banished them.
A levitating plant with a glowing ball in the center of it floats up and down rhythmically, lighting up the many Ouija boards she has at her disposal, calling upon the ancients for secrets to help plan her escape and bring with it, the massive species of the Cthulhu upon this civilization of humanity.
A tribute to her overlord, the Cthulhu plaque rests on the stained wall next to the window and you could have sworn you saw its tentacles twitch in the light of the bright lamp nearby.

Lovecraft Festival 2018!

Beauty Dolls

Beauty Dolls – Evangeline bento shape
Catwa Kimberly and Maitreya Lara
brow shape, copy/ modify shape, bonus no copy/ no modify shape as a backup or gift to a friend
styling card
Read the back story about Evangeline on my Blogspot blog

C.C.L. El’s Cats

Kittycats! – Marque
C.C.L. El’s Cats is selling her Kittycats! at the Lovecraft Festival.
C.C.L. El’s Cats in collaboration with Catatopia Cats – KittyCatS! Jewelry – Collar – Eleanor8 Resident (No. 31) (green)
who donated the KittyCatS! Jewelry – Tentacles Collar to Lovefest 2018.
Catatopia Cats is a Kittycats! breeder and seller, selling her cats at popular breedable sims.
Songdog Woolley of *Wallflowers Textures* re-textured the tentacle collars.
100% sale proceeds goes towards the Lovecraft sim, to fund for future events.


DCKM Catouija Wall Frame Moon
DCKM Catouija Wall Frame Vintage Self
DCKM Catouija Wall Frame Self
DCKM Catouija Pendant Self – Exclusive
DCKM also has another exclusive pendant at the Lovecraft festival.
I rotated vertically and horizontally to make the Vintage Self Catouija board lay on the desk.
DCKM also has round tables with the Catouija boards on top as one piece.


Eclectica – Cthulhu Wall Decor – Fatpack Version
Eclectica – Motorist’s Goggle – Fatpack Version
click to resize and texture
All Eclectica’s products have copy and modify permissions.
Eclectica creates jewelry, shoes, glasses, gloves, feathers, furs, hats, accessories


!!Firelight!! Kelsa Gen2 Fatpack
Featured at the Lovecraft Festival 2018
In this fatpack, you’ll receive rigged and unrigged Kelsa hairs
7 hair texture huds and a color wheel tint hud
black&white, blonds, browns, darks, essentials, mega, red
Each hair texture hud comes with two hair effects; Rich/ Full and Wispy
Wispy shows individual hair strands with a more natural look
Rich/ Full gives the hair a plush full set of hair. It does not have alpha issues.
Wispy may conflict with clothing that has alpha in it as well as standing
against an alpha background such as trees, plants, and so forth.
Firelight also has another featured hair and an exclusive hair.
You can view the exclusive hair in my WordPress blog post covering the Lovefest 2018 event.
Firelight has an entertaining area in her store booth at the event.
Have a seat in the salon chair next to a client whose head has a knife through their head.
Perfect to take a picture as a great memory at Lovecraft Festival 2018!

Moonlitecat Creations

Esther Librarian
5 standard mesh sizes, 5 fitmesh sizes, Belleza all, Ebody, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink all, TMP, Tonic all

The Nerdy Birdy

Wandering Eye(attach to avatar)
Floats and moves around the left side of your body from the back, side and to the front.

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